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Institut Roi Albert II collaboration

Institut Roi Albert II collaboration

Institut Roi Albert II


As from the second quarter of 2015, Yoseido Shiatsu School will collaborate with the Institute King Albert II des Cliniques Universitaires Saint -Luc; a centre specialized in the care of cancer patients and leader in French-speaking Belgium.


An Added Value in the treatment of cancer patients.


A session of Shiatsu can decrease stress and anxiety by giving patients a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Shiatsu is an additional aid allowing patients to better manage their fight against the disease by improving their quality of life throughout the treatment.


This collaboration is part of the philosophy of the King Albert II Institute to offer a complete and human support to patients.


For the Yoseido Shiatsu School, it is also an opportunity to enable their students, under the supervision of Master Kawada,  to work in an hospital environment by developing practice with patients still in treatment.  As part of this collaboration, and in the interest of patients, students will interact with multidisciplinary teams of a reference University, this University being the only centre in Belgium who supports all types of adult and child cancers.


The first session is exclusively available to patients of the Breast Clinic of King Albert II Institute.

Other sessions will open as from September 2015.


Practical information to participate as a shiatsu practitioner is available with Master Kawada.


Contact and practical information :

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Tel: 02 649 79 46





Third years students doing Shiatsu pratice at the chapel of the St Luc Hospital: