Shiatsu Yoseido

Yo Sei Do - Shiatsu academy - Brussels

Agenda 2016 - 2017



Advanced shiatsu workshop opens to those who have finished three years of Yoseido shiatsu academic study
The dates :

January 27 Feburary 24 March 31 April 28 May 26 June 30

address : 192 avenue de Tervuren  1150 BXL
hour :  18h00-22h00

Shiatsu sessions in partnership with the Cancer Institute King Albert II

Residential Seminar 2018


Shiatsu Training 08 - 13 July 2018.


Shiatsu is a manual Japanese technique that applies pressure on certain points of the body along meridians by utilizing thumbs, the palms of the hands, the elbows and the knees. This pressure stimulates the circulation of energy and blood in the body to maintain or re-establish the psycho-energetic balance necessary to preserve our health.



Master Kawada was born in Japan where he inherited his father's passion for shiatsu. Graduated in the famous Nippon Shiatsu School, he introduced shiatsu in Europe. In order to convey his knowledge, he created the Yoseido Shiatsu School.