Circulatory meridians

The role of circulatory meridians triple warmer and heart constrictor

The meridian of the heart constrictor is strongly related to the protection of the vital organ that is the heart, and also to the deep circulation of the arteries and veins, to facilitate the movement of the blood, from the heart throughout our body and to distribute it to tissues, muscles and bones. On the other hand, the role of the triple heater is not well known, except that it is closely related to the regulation of the temperature of our body. From the point of view of the organic correspondence, the meridian of the heart constrictor is connected to the precarious protection of the heart. But for the triple heater, it could not be clearly defined which organ it corresponds to. Some theorists think that it is related to the lymphatic circulation, to protect our organs, especially the heart and lungs, with the installation of many lymph nodes all over our body.

In the Yellow Emperor’s text, the triple warmer meridian deals with three acquired energy-making foci, the upper focus, the middle focus, and the lower focus. They manage the making of nourishing and defensive energy and regulate the breathing. Without knowing the real functioning of the lymphatic circulation, the scientists of antiquity had intuitively perceived that the meridian of the triple heater had the capacity to destroy the bad energies, today one would speak of the viruses, or the bad microbes which can threaten our vital organs. This is what our lymphatic system does, which gets rid of viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites…

But even in modern medicine we did not know what was the exact role of the lymphatic system in promoting our immune system. The average focus of the triple warmer meridian is controlled by the stomach and spleen-pancreas organs. It makes the nourishing energy. In the lymphatic system the spleen-pancreas organ plays a crucial role in maintaining a strong immune defence by the presence of T and B lymphocytes. But the spleen also destroys the old red blood cells, and keeps a reservoir of blood. In case of haemorrhage, large blood loss, it can distribute this blood to the place that needs fresh blood. If the spleen is damaged, and we are forced to remove it, we can continue to live, because the liver will compensate for the work of the spleen, however, in this case, our immune system gets considerably weakened.

The triple warmer meridian is very important in traditional oriental medicine, because it takes care of our immune system, and in modern medicine the functioning of the lymphatic circulation. Without it, one would fall sick much more often.