Introductory seminar on living anatomy

Why an introductory seminar on living anatomy?

YoSeiDo® Shiatsu Academy wants to offer its students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of anatomy and human physiology. Indeed, we consider that to allow a good scientific practice of shiatsu, a student must have at least minimum medical knowledge to ensure good practice.

To do this, we have developed a complete training in anatomy to discern the different concepts that will be necessary for a good understanding of the course taught by Master KAWADA. This new training can only be programmed according to a sufficient number of participants. The purpose of this introductory seminar is therefore to introduce you to the teacher and the content that will be developed during the complete training.


Bachelor of physiotherapy (UCL – 1986)
Osteopath (IWGS – 1993)


Date : not yet scheduled
Address : 192, Avenue de Tervuren à 1150 Bruxelles


Relationship between certain aspects of osteopathy and the practice of shiatsu

The oriental philosophy of shiatsu differs from the philosophy and practice of osteopathy. Although there are some similarities between these two methods of therapy, they are two methods of manual labour. Osteopathy is strongly linked with the spine, skull, cervical spine, back and sacrum. For shiatsu this remains true, the spine is extremely important because the trajectory of the governing vessel flows from the coccyx to the top of the skull.

The yang vessel of governing, as its name indicates, governs the yang energy of our whole body. One can not imagine that those who practice acupuncture do not use this route to treat the patient. Most chronic diseases, according to Eastern thought, come from a lack of yang energy.

It is therefore very important to know the path of this vessel to release blockages that are in its path and strengthen the yang energy to activate the body’s immune system. If you want to understand the trajectory of the governing vessel, it is better to understand the elements of the spine and skull, as well as the muscles around the vertebrae, the upper limb of the arm and the lower leg. So there is some complementarity between osteopathic work and shiatsu work.

Content of the introductory seminar on living anatomy

(4 themes of 90 min)                                                         Introduction to living anatomy
The bone
The muscle
The central nervous system


Date : Saturday 30th march 2019
Time: 9h00 to 12h00 and 14h00 to 17h00
Address : 192, Avenue de Tervuren à 1150 Bruxelles
Price: 120 euros

Reservation: Before January 31, 2019

Inscriptions :

Places are limited !
Registration will be taken in chronological order…
Priority will be given to students who have no training in anatomy.

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