The three levels of training in Yoseido Shiatsu

Learning during the first year

During the first year, we focus a lot on the flexibility of the body, the correction of posture of the students, and also how to improve the quality of the pressure applied.

We often start with relaxation exercises, before going into shiatsu work based on the syllabus that each student received from the start. We practice shiatsu on a partner that we change regularly. This rotation allows students to see that each partner has different blockages and sensitivities.

The first year is therefore mainly focused on improving the quality of pressure applied and work posture.

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Learning during the second year

This year is focused on learning the 12 main meridians, as well as points that lie on the path of these meridians. Note also the name and meaning of these points. For example the appearance of the word « supreme », which puts an imperative importance. Thus, point number 9 of the meridian of the lungs: « Supreme Abyss », or the point of the meridian of the liver: « Supreme Assault ». Instead of simply memorizing the nomenclature of these points, it is important to know the meaning of each of the points of each meridian, and to understand how they express the characteristic of each meridian.

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Learning during the third year

This year will be devoted to the oriental diagnosis according to the 12 meridians studied during the second year. This study will lead to practice with real patients in two different hospitals, one devoted to oncology, and the other to psychological diseases. In the East, one does not separate the physical problems from the emotional ones, they are closely related to each other. By going to these hospitals, one can try to understand the relation between the body and the spirit.

This is obviously the most interesting year.

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