Liver meridian function

The character of the liver is written Kan 肝 in Japanese. It consists of two letters: on the left is the denominator for the organ and right is the weapon to protect oneself from the opponent and at the same time neutralize the opponent.

So it has the function of protecting our body against all sorts of evil energies that can attack us and put us in danger. The meridian of the liver is the last cycle of these 12 main meridians. So once the nourishing and defensive energy reaches our liver, the blood must be cleaned before it is circulated again in the first cycle of energy circulation in the meridian of the lungs.

Our liver does this extremely important job of cleaning our blood. During deep sleep hours, sometimes between one am in the morning until three in the morning, our sleep should be very deep so that our body can clean up the waste energy deeply, before it puts it back into the meridian of the lungs to circulate it.

People who live in a big city often have sleep problems, it means that their sleep is very light, and superficial, so in this condition, our body can not be well cleaned. If it continues for a long time, it becomes chronic and one day it can trigger serious diseases. Sleep greatly influences good concentration to better understand abstract thinking, or better retain memory.

The meridian of the liver also occupies the capacity of fertilization. When we are better rested and better recovered, our immune system increases, better defending against the aggression of perverse energy that tries to unbalance us. The important points of the liver are the 3rd point of the liver, Taishiyo / supreme assault, the 13th point Shiyomon / shelter gate, and the 8th point Kiyokusen / fountain curve. They are all important in connection with our immune system.

The meridians of the liver and kidneys are meridians that take care of the cleansing of our body and also of fertility, so we have to work these two meridians, even if apparently we have no symptoms it can be very useful for preventive aspects too. If we work these two meridians once or twice a week, we can improve our autoimmune system against the attack of evil energy.