Open Day 2018

Kawada-sensei showed in his demonstration that one can do self-shiatsu, even someone who does not know of shiatsu can do it effectively.First of all, having a flexible neck is always a good indication of good health. It’s always better to have a supple, elastic neck, andping when you turn your head, cervical vertebrates do not crack. In the neck there are many important meridians that pass, even in the anatomical sense. There is the famous vague cranial nerve, not to mention the carotid and vertebral arteries.Our brain needs a lot of energy and oxygen to function well, so it’s extremely vital that your neck, which is the bridge to the brain, has free passage for that nourishment that goes to the head. Sleep is also linked with the flexible neck, if our neck is clear of tension, then we sleep better and if we sleep well, we recover better from fatigue and nervous tension.

Kawada-sensei will continue to develop this simple head tension relief technique at the next Open Day scheduled for August 29, 2020.