Spiritual points in acupuncture tsubos

What is very fascinating to note is that in the 361 points that are on the 12 main meridians, the governing vessel and the conception vessel, there are actually 8 points of Shin (神) and 5 points of Rei (霊).

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between these two words. These words are often mixed up to the point where their definitions are more jumbled up. But Shin is usually associated with the spirit of the heart, so much so that the word Rei can be the spirit of the deceased, or someone who transmitted his ancestral spirit generation after generation.

If we can summarize the thing that makes it possible to distinguish between the two, it would be that the Shin spirit tends to be more universal concerning the identity of each individual, treating them like brothers or sisters, it is the communal spirit , the spirit of sharing the same principles. Whereas the Rei spirit is rather the spirit of the family, the individual mind, the spirit that concerns only family or close family.

So we have these two spirits inside of us and it is because of that that we sometimes want to help others, when we feel like we belong with others, but at the same time, we would like to think about ourselves or only about the close family. That’s why there are people who think only of themselves and those who think only of others.

There are individuals who have developed a lot of their Shin but very little Rei spirit and vice versa. It can be said that a person like Mother Teresa, who did a lot for humanitarian causes towards the extremely poor people in India, had a soul that was very close to the Shin spirit.

By working on these points we can develop all these points of spirit. In Yoseido Shiatsu Academy, we place a lot of importance on learning how to feel these points well and then notice the difference of state of spirit afterwards.

The impressions of certain points of spirit have marked many shiatsu students. This is a comment left by one of them. Those of Yoseido Shiatsu’s students who have felt similar things, you can come to share your emotions and feelings as this person did.


The last weekend of March was intense for me. Indeed, the work of shin and rei points on the meridian of the kidney had a strong impact.

I left Brussels completely transformed. As if I had left many emotional tensions, polluted energies and found a great serenity and peace in me, as if I had reconnected deep within myself. A great inner joy in the different situations in which I find myself. It is difficult to talk about it because it is about inner and very deep feelings that exceed me, and it is difficult to put words on it.

Thank you again for all your teachings.