Collaboration with St-Remi Hospital

Yoseido Shiatsu Academy now has a collaboration with St-Remi Hospital. St-Remi Hospital is a center for patients who are suffering from mental illnesses.


Shiatsu students will use different tsubos points, which indicate the energy flow of the 12 main acupuncture meridians. In the points of acupuncture there are the points for the energetic imbalance of the physical body and also for the psyche. It is at the energy level that shiatsu students will try to understand what is the energy imbalance phenomenon that can eventually lead to symptoms of disease.

Relationship between the body and the psyche of the human being.

In the Eastern concept there is no separation between mind and body, if there is something that happens in our physical body, it will affect our psyche directly. In the East, the work on the psyche was very little developed in relation to the study of the physical body, no doubt this is due to the fact that Orientals thought that studying the body was the same thing as if one had at the same time studied the mind.

The relationship between the mind and the body is very well explained in the meridian path of the bladder in the back. In the back, there are two lines of meridian of the bladder that pass. The first line, close to the dorsal spine, contains the physiological correspondence, the points of Yu. And in the line next to it there is the line of psychic points of the vital organs.

The five vital organs; the lungs, the heart, the liver, the spleen-pancreas, and the kidneys, are all corresponding physiological and psychic points.

For example someone who is always tired and does not want to do things, will have a weakened psyche point of the kidneys. This point is right next to the physiological point of the kidneys, it is called « chamber of the will », that means that if the kidneys are physically weakened, the psyche of the kidneys also deteriorates and makes it so that the mind becomes less entrepreneurial or lacks initiative.

Family Shiatsu 2018

Mr. Libert and Mrs. Anthonissen did the shiatsu initiation course with parents and their children.It is very important for children to learn how to properly circulate the body’s energy using their hands, circulation that will help to unblock the physical and nervous tension. But it is also a way to develop intimate contact between parents and their children.

Kawada-sensei himself had this experience when he was a young child. Due to the fact that his father was a shiatsu practitioner, of course he got good shiatsu sessions when he was in pain somewhere or he could not concentrate on studying at school, etc., so Kawada-sensei decided that children from the West should have the same chance to benefit from this experience, either with their parents, with close friends or with a shiatsu practitioner.


Shiatsu is both preventive and effective against certain blockages, such as in the neck, back, headache, not sleeping well, etc., with shiatsu we do not need any special instrument to practice it, if we have two hands, that’s enough. After 4 to 5 years you can practice shiatsu already.

The important role of the knee

The tibia is the second largest bone that exists in our body after the humerus, which is supported by the tibia and fibula. Many anthropologists and archaeologists try to understand why the tibia of Westerners is generally longer than that of Orientals.

If we compare the height between a small oriental man and a big Western man, we will discover that the torso and humerus of the two men are more or less of the same height. On the other hand, the tibia is visibly larger in the Western skeleton than the Oriental one.

There are many theories about this revelation. There are archaeologists who say that it was because of the development of the left lobe, analytical brain, that Westerners had enlarged their tibia. When you are taller, walking stimulates our brain more than someone with smaller legs. There are anthropologists who say that it is because of the different regions in which these two races lived that eventually changed the size of the tibia.

In any case, when someone has big legs, there will be a fragilisation of their lower back, in the lumbar region, and then the knee. It is true that if we compare the different types of problems that Westerners have, it is often the lower back and the knee, whereas Orientals have more problems in the region of the shoulder or the neck.

What makes the man unique is that the knee joint has dramatically changed his way of being. Due to the fact that we can articulate the knee, bend it, or do flexion and extension, we can climb stairs, walk, run, the mobility of this joint allows us to do a lot of things.

Yet as we age, it becomes very fragile, and at the same time, the reed becomes vulnerable. Hip and knee are closely related to each other. The sacroiliac joint becomes vulnerable too, giving all sorts of problems in everyday life.

Around the knee there are many important acupuncture points, such as gall bladder point 34, Yoriyosen (fountain of yang hill), spleen-pancreas 9, Yinriyosen (fountain of yin hill), liver 8, Kiyokusen (curve of the fountain). It should be noted that they all have the name Fountain which is synonymous with the source of life.

The fold of the knee corresponds with the points of Go, that means that from this place, the energy that circulates in the interior of meridians enters the depth, or comes out of the depth to come to the surface. The energy comes to the surface going towards the end of the toes, whereas the energy enters the depth going towards the belly.

We can influence the energy when it is on the surface, so by working around the ankle, we can also influence the movement of energy. In the ankle, it is necessary to look around the internal malleolus where there are three important points, the point of kidney 3, Taikei (supreme valley), the point of kidney 6, Shiyokai (the illuminated sea), the spleen-pancreas 5, Shiyokiyu (merchant’s hill), and around the external malleolus there are bladder points 60, Konron (Konron mountain), bladder 62, Shinmiyaku (the meridian energy hour of the bladder) and then the point of gall bladder 40, Kiyukiyo (Hill of Faith).

All of these points are closely related to the points that promote the articulation of hip movement and the sacroiliac joint. For the hip joints, there are the points of the vesicle of the bow 29, 30 respectively VB 29 (Kiyoriyo / seated bone), VB 30 (Kantchiyo / around bone trochanter), and for the sacroiliac joint there are bladder points 27 (Shiyotchiyo-yu / assent of the small intestine), bladder 28 (Boko-yu / bladder assent) and then bladder 53 (Hoko / wrap of uterus).

Overall, the sacroiliac joints, hip, knee and ankle are very closely related to each other. But the important part of the regular mobilization is the knee and hip with all these points mentioned here.

Agenda Program


Advanced shiatsu workshop opens to those who have finished three years of Yoseido shiatsu academic study
The dates :
2020 : 25 september – 30 october – 27 november – 11 décember
address : 192 avenue de Tervuren  1150 BXL
hour :  18h00-22h00

Shiatsu sessions in partnership with the Cancer Institute King Albert II

Monday 21/09/2020

Monday 05/10/2020

Monday 19/10/2020

Monday 09/11/2020

Monday 23/11/2020

Monday 07/12/2020

Hour: 18.00 – 20.00

Adress: Institut Roi Albert II
avenue Hippocrate, 10
1200 Bruxelles
(Métro Alma)

Shiatsu sessions in partnership with St Rémi Hospital

Not scheduled

Due to the Covid-19 situation, shiatsu sessions are not yet scheduled.

Shiatsu Open Day
Saturday 4th September 2021 (10h-17h)
Place : 192 avenue de Tervuren  1150 BXL
Schedule: 10h00-17h00

Shiatsu initiation given by Yoseido Academy
2021 (to be scheduled)
Place : 192 avenue de Tervuren  1150 BXL
Schedule: 10h00-17h00

Curious Vessels Seminar

1st module:  17-18-19 September  2021
2nd module: 19-20-21  November 2021
3rd module: 17-18-19 December 2021

Address: 192 avenue de Tervuren – 1150 Bruxelles
Schedule : 09h00 – 12h00/14h00 – 17h30


Seminar with patient
11 – 12 – 13   Juin 2021
Address: 192 avenue de Tervuren – 1150 Bruxelles
Schedule : 09h00 – 12h00/14h00 – 17h30


Family shiatsu initiation by Yoseido Academy
Sunday 5th September (14h-17h)
Address : 192 avenue de Tervuren – 1150 Bruxelles
Schedule: 14h00-17h00

Summer seminar camp, opens to every one from different shiatsu schools or total beginers of shiatsu
11 – 16 July 2021
address :  La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte    Bois-le Comte 1   6823 VIllers-devant.Orval Belgique
One must be on the place around 18h00 July 11th 2021

More information here

Seminar on Meridians
06 – 11  August 2021
address: La Ferme du Bois-le-Comte    Bois-le Comte 1   6823 VIllers-devant.Orval Belgique
One must be on the place around 18h00 August 6th 2021

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