Family Shiatsu 2018

Mr. Libert and Mrs. Anthonissen did the shiatsu initiation course with parents and their children.It is very important for children to learn how to properly circulate the body’s energy using their hands, circulation that will help to unblock the physical and nervous tension. But it is also a way to develop intimate contact between parents and their children.

Kawada-sensei himself had this experience when he was a young child. Due to the fact that his father was a shiatsu practitioner, of course he got good shiatsu sessions when he was in pain somewhere or he could not concentrate on studying at school, etc., so Kawada-sensei decided that children from the West should have the same chance to benefit from this experience, either with their parents, with close friends or with a shiatsu practitioner.


Shiatsu is both preventive and effective against certain blockages, such as in the neck, back, headache, not sleeping well, etc., with shiatsu we do not need any special instrument to practice it, if we have two hands, that’s enough. After 4 to 5 years you can practice shiatsu already.

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