Introductory seminar on I-King

Introductory seminar on I-King (the book of transformations)

In this introduction, Master Kawada demonstrates that the theory of I-King is closely related to the theory and practice of shiatsu.

The Yellow Emperor’s textbook is the main foundation of traditional Oriental medicine based on I-King’s thought, I-King was used as a divination oracle of the old days. The theory and practice of this method come from the transformation of Yin and Yang, the change of energy between Heaven, Earth and Man. It is therefore linked with the concept of traditional oriental medicine which also deals with the notion of Heaven, Earth and Man. In Eastern traditional medicine, man, the microcosm, interacts between the celestial and terrestrial forces, the macrocosm.

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Residential Seminar


Shiatsu is a manual Japanese technique that applies pressure on certain points of the body along meridians by utilizing thumbs, the palms of the hands, the elbows and the knees. This pressure stimulates the circulation of energy and blood in the body to maintain or re-establish the psycho-energetic balance necessary to preserve our health.

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Seminar on Meridians

During the five days of meridian study. We learn all the 12 principal meridians trajectories and its role that each meridian has got and also using certain meridians to apply them to concrete effects do to our body. Also applying of the five elements notion to put its practical use to our body by using of different tsubos which are mainly found fron finger tips to an elbow and toot toes to a knee.

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Open day

Is your well-being important to you?

Come and restore your natural balance between body and mind with Master Yuichi Kawada, a pioneer of the shiatsu practice in Europe.

A demonstration of his skills will take place during the open-doors days on saturday.


  • 1st July & 2nd September (10h-17h / 16h : demonstration with Master Kawada)

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