Collaboration with St-Remi Hospital

Yoseido Shiatsu Academy now has a collaboration with St-Remi Hospital. St-Remi Hospital is a center for patients who are suffering from mental illnesses.


Shiatsu students will use different tsubos points, which indicate the energy flow of the 12 main acupuncture meridians. In the points of acupuncture there are the points for the energetic imbalance of the physical body and also for the psyche. It is at the energy level that shiatsu students will try to understand what is the energy imbalance phenomenon that can eventually lead to symptoms of disease.

Relationship between the body and the psyche of the human being.

In the Eastern concept there is no separation between mind and body, if there is something that happens in our physical body, it will affect our psyche directly. In the East, the work on the psyche was very little developed in relation to the study of the physical body, no doubt this is due to the fact that Orientals thought that studying the body was the same thing as if one had at the same time studied the mind.

The relationship between the mind and the body is very well explained in the meridian path of the bladder in the back. In the back, there are two lines of meridian of the bladder that pass. The first line, close to the dorsal spine, contains the physiological correspondence, the points of Yu. And in the line next to it there is the line of psychic points of the vital organs.

The five vital organs; the lungs, the heart, the liver, the spleen-pancreas, and the kidneys, are all corresponding physiological and psychic points.

For example someone who is always tired and does not want to do things, will have a weakened psyche point of the kidneys. This point is right next to the physiological point of the kidneys, it is called « chamber of the will », that means that if the kidneys are physically weakened, the psyche of the kidneys also deteriorates and makes it so that the mind becomes less entrepreneurial or lacks initiative.

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