Seminar on Meridians

During the five days of meridian study. We learn all the 12 principal meridians trajectories and its role that each meridian has got and also using certain meridians to apply them to concrete effects do to our body. Also applying of the five elements notion to put its practical use to our body by using of different tsubos which are mainly found fron finger tips to an elbow and toot toes to a knee.

Learning of important understanding of the Heaven, Earth and Man concept through the introduction of the I-Ching, the book of changes which is the bases of the all the oriental philosophy, medecine, and social sciences. The 12 principal meridiens are the foundation of the oriental energy circulation study, therefore it is important to master it well so as to complement with the other important energy flow vessels which are the 8 curious vessels or the extoardinary vessels.

These two systems of the energy flow which regulate our body energy fonction which the Yoseido Shiatsu put main emphasis on.

Info: 02 649 79 46

Important : The management reserves the right to cancel a seminar if the number of registrants is insufficient. Your deposit will be refunded.

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