Seminar on patients

Seminar on Patients

The participants of this seminar should come with a person who can serve as a model patient during these three days seminar workshop.

Everday during the seminar Kawada sensei gives an instruction of what each participant should do to occupy his or her model patient. He will show the four formes of oriental diagnosis and its eight ramifications technique. In this Shishinhachiko method (four formes of oriental diagnosis and its eight ramifications) is designed to approach a patient for his or her energy level so as to determine whether a model patient has got a certain category of the energy distorsion.

Each participant of the seminar should write what he or she has been observing of his or her model patient’s state of the energy level and each afternoon there will be a discussion time for each participant to do a reporting of what he or she has been observing of the model patient’s state of energy level and each time Kawada sensei gives his oriental analysis of interpreting of the model patient’s state of the energy level.

After the three days seminar, each participant should write a sumerising of what he or she has been observing of their model patient’s evolution of the energy distorsion and senthis concluded sumerising of the report to Kawada sensei’s e-mail address (

The objective of this seminar is designed to approach a model patient’s health problem from the perspective of energy imbalances or distorsions which are the main causes of many symptom results. Idea behind in this sort of work is to forsee a person who has shown an imbalance of the energy flow before he or she gets a declaration of a real symptom,so as to avoid falling into a real sickness. So treating already some one who has got a symptom of an ailement is not just to alieviate a person’s symptom but most of all to unerstand as to why he or she has got into such a sate of an ailement.

It is a mechanism of how one falls into a real problem is important to understand so as to eventually avoid by being falling into a real sickness by doing some kind of energy adjustement. So it is all about a preventive approach which the idea of using the Shishinhachiko ( four formes of oriental diagnosis and its eight ramifications ) to determine the energy level of the person so as to adjust either a lack of the energy level or an excessive over flow of the energy circulation before really falling into a sickness.

Place : Bruxelles

Schedule :

Info: 02/649.79.46

Important : The management reserves the right to cancel a seminar if the number of registrants is insufficient. Your deposit will be refunded.

3 réponses sur “Seminar on patients”

  1. Dear Kawada Sensei,

    I am writing to you because I have a question regardìng the Seminar on Patients between 18 and 20th of May:
    according to the website, the participants have to bring a model patient. Are we supposed to take someone with us?
    As far as I understood regarding this seminar, the idea is to work with cancer patients. So I don’t really understand.
    Thank you very much in advance for your clarification.
    And I also have a request: could you please send me the Bulletin d’Inscription, because the link on Yoseido website doesn’t seem to be working.

    Thank you so much for both answering my question and sending the Bulletin.

    I wish you a nice day,

    Noemi Nagy

    1. Dear Noémi,

      Thank you for leaving a message and pointing out the error! It has now been repaired and you can access the sign-up form from the page.
      Concerning the seminar, Kawada-sensei will contact you later, but in the meantime the answer is yes you need a model patient. He can give you more details when he contacts you.

      We hope to see you soon in class or the seminars.

      Have a nice day,
      Yoseido Shiatsu Academy

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