Open day

Is your well-being important to you?

Come and restore your natural balance between body and mind with Master Yuichi Kawada, a pioneer of the shiatsu practice in Europe.

A demonstration of his skills will take place during the open-doors days on saturday.


  • 1st July & 2nd September (10h-17h / 16h : demonstration with Master Kawada)

Today, everything is computerized and numbers; society requires a more and more important return on investment in poorer working conditions, a life which is increasingly stressful and demanding. These factors lead to a negligence of the connection between the mind and body and therefore a reasoning and concentration failure, which eventually leads to the famous burnout.

Too often absorbed by work, we forget to properly feed our body. To restore the balance between body and mind, we must feed it properly, so that the body and mind can work in mutual respect.

Master Kamada will show you a demonstration of how to harmonize your body and mind through some exercises with the technique of acupuncture pressure points.

Students of the Academy Shiatsu Yoseido will answer questions from the public and apply, on those who wish it, the science of shiatsu.

Please contact us at if you wish to attend.

Location: Avenue de Tervuren 192

Info: 02 649 79 46


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