Introductory seminar on I-King

Introductory seminar on I-King (the book of transformations)

In this introduction, Master Kawada demonstrates that the theory of I-King is closely related to the theory and practice of shiatsu.

The Yellow Emperor’s textbook is the main foundation of traditional Oriental medicine based on I-King’s thought, I-King was used as a divination oracle of the old days. The theory and practice of this method come from the transformation of Yin and Yang, the change of energy between Heaven, Earth and Man. It is therefore linked with the concept of traditional oriental medicine which also deals with the notion of Heaven, Earth and Man. In Eastern traditional medicine, man, the microcosm, interacts between the celestial and terrestrial forces, the macrocosm.

The last hexagram of I-King is the number 64, a combination between the water trigram (top) and the fire trigram (bottom) ie there is an interaction between the water and the fire which allows an exchange of energy between Heaven and Earth, the man in the middle can live between these two forces of nature. In nature, there is a predictable and unpredictable part, the man must continually adapt to these changes especially to those which are unpredictable. I-King was created to better grasp what is unpredictable and help better adapt to what is not controllable by our intellect.

In this introductory seminar, we will learn from the theory and practice of shiatsu how these 8 trigrams and these 64 hexagrams are related.

This seminar is open to all, it is not necessary to have practiced shiatsu. It allows to better understand the origin of the Eastern thought but also the understanding of the idea of ​​energy in for example the natural sciences but also in the concept of Yin and Yang, but also for all people who practice others. energy work disciplines.

Place:  Brussels

Important : The management reserves the right to cancel a seminar if the number of registrants is insufficient. Your deposit will be refunded.

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