Residential Seminar


Shiatsu is a manual Japanese technique that applies pressure on certain points of the body along meridians by utilizing thumbs, the palms of the hands, the elbows and the knees. This pressure stimulates the circulation of energy and blood in the body to maintain or re-establish the psycho-energetic balance necessary to preserve our health.

Meditation also is an integral part of the course. Indeed, it takes us back to our origins, to the connection between earth and heaven.

The Do-In (the meridians stretching exercise), helps to become more flexible physically, and develop the perception of the Ki-energy which is an important part of the teaching of Shiatsu Yoseido school.

We are entirely depend on this energy to breathe, eat and drink.

It is also important to realize that what we eat has a great importance to the health of our bodies and of our minds.

That is why we organize this course in a place that respects the concept of balanced and organic food. (The farm of Bois-le-Comte)

Work will be done with a partner as it helps to learn the ways of both of the receiver and the shiatsu giver. The pressure should be in harmony, it is a fusion of energies.

Whilst helping the patient, the therapist will feel the pain and the feeling of hurt virtually as it  would be his own. In the East we call this empathy or compassion.

Each of us is a small part of cosmic energy, so it is extremely important to wake one’s subconscious in order to get the feeling of our own energy and of others.

At the end of this course you will become aware of your body, have better stress management and the ability to perceive in others the emptiness and energy stoppers.


Sunday  :

Arriving: 18h

19h30: Dinner following by an presentation and explanation of training

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:

06h30 : méditation

07h : Do-In

08h15 : breakfast

10h : Shiatsu

12h45 : lunch

15h : shiatsu

19h : dinner

21h : méditation

Friday :

06h30 meditation

07h : Do-In

08h15 : breakfast

10h : Shiatsu

12h45 : lunch

16h : end

16h30 : départ

Meditation: the place during meditation will remain the same throughout the duration of the course.

– Breakfast includes bread, jam, fruit, dairy products, coffee, tea, rice and mizo soup.
– Evening meals and lunch are mainly vegetarian (organic).  Composed of rice, cereals, vegetables … and fruit. Protein sources will be made by soybeans, forming and eggs.

In teams of 3-4 people, help for the clearing, cleaning dishes and storage place (dishwasher available).
During your breaks, you can enjoy the green environment of the place.
Possibility to rent bed sheets, pillow cases and towels on spot.
Working equipment available but if you wish you can take your personal equipment.
Preferably, bring wide, comfortable clothing made of natural material.
Route and other practical details see website http://

Important : The management reserves the right to cancel a seminar if the number of registrants is insufficient. Your deposit will be refunded.

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